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At Across the Pond Consulting, we believe that leadership excellence is not a destination but an ongoing journey. We are passionate about guiding leaders and teams towards continuous growth and transformation. Our evidence-based approaches, combined with personalized attention and a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, ensure that we deliver sustainable solutions that make a lasting impact.
  • Improving Performance: Foundational Elements

    30-45 minute interactive virtual session which includes tools and strategies

    • Self Regulation for Increased Performance
    • The Impact of Stress
    • Mindset Matters
    • Understanding Burnout
    • Guarding Against Burnout
    • Growing Resilience
    • The Importance of Boundaries
    • Self Management Tools
    • Breaking Emotional Addiction
    • Enhance Your EQ
    • Stress Management
    • Enhance Performance through Holistic Self-Care
  • Leading Well: Leadership Micro Classes

    30-45 minute interactive virtual session which includes tools and strategies

    Fundamental Skills:

    • Listening
    • Humble Inquiry
    • Team Goals
    • Psychological Safety

    Enhancing Performance:

    • The Coaching Conversation
    • Preventing Burnout
    • Understanding Resistance to Change


Leader Coaching

Our personalized coaching sessions help leaders uncover tools, insights, and strategies to excel in their roles. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, our team of experienced coaches will help you identify your strengths, overcome challenges, and develop the essential skills needed to lead with confidence and effectiveness. Our coaching integrates strategies to cultivate an environment where innovation thrives within teams.

Redefine Your Leadership


Team Development

Building effective cross-functional and interdisciplinary teams means creating groups within an organization that bring together individuals with diverse skills, expertise, and backgrounds, usually from different departments or disciplines. This is the cornerstone of any successful organization. We offer team development workshops and facilitation services that foster collaboration, enhance communication, and build high-performing teams. Our tailored approach focuses on strengthening an understanding of how to perform at your best, team dynamics, aligning goals, and fostering a culture of trust.

Teams Reimagined

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